About Us


As a company of highly trained and dedicated professionals, it is our mission to provide the highest standard of service to all those who may seek our help. The Mediforce Group is a service provider and with that, we stand ready to provide the best possible service with regards to fire suppression, fire prevention and education in all areas covering emergency rescue, emergency management and emergency medical care. We shall strive to provide these services, promptly and safely, ensuring respect, integrity, compassion and leadership within our company and to our clients.

The Mediforce Group faces unique challenges in keeping pace with the changing world in which we all live and work, however as a company with over 20 years of experience, being able to adapt, to be flexible and progressive in order to be successful is something we are proud of and will enable us to continue to be an exceptional organisation.

Mediforce Group will:

  1. Strive to be a model of excellence in providing fire protection, fire prevention, emergency management, emergency medical training, public education, auditing and consultancy or any other related services at a local, State or National level.
  2. Strive to be an organisation dedicated to continuous improvement in every detail both at a company and a client level.
  3. The Mediforce Group will foster the atmosphere of trust, involvement, innovation, creativity and accountability, ensuring a service second to none.
  4. Strive to be responsive to the needs and priorities of our customers and community.

Establishing a set of values to be embraced by our clients and the community we strive to serve is extremely important to the Mediforce Group. The following value statements have been created to express the beliefs and commitments that constitute the structure of our organisation:

  1. We value and respect all members of our organisation and support each individual’s efforts to achieve their highest potential.
  2. We value teamwork, honesty, respect, tolerance and compassion.
  3. We value the pursuit of excellence.
  4. We value effectiveness, efficiency and economy in an ever changing world.
  5. We value our ability to anticipate, influence and embrace change.
  6. We value the faith and trust that our clients, and continually work to embrace that confidence through our caring attitude, conduct and accomplishments.


The mission, vision and value statements are the foundation for the Mediforce Group’s successes. Every effort is made to keep these meaningful so our clients and team members feel they give credence to the goals, objectives and day to day challenges that have been overcome.

The Mediforce Group
Caring people, providing a quality service at an affordable price.