Fire Containment & Suppression

Installation and Maintenance Services
Audit Fire & Emergency Australia take pride in ensuring we have developed and installed the right fire containment and suppression solution for your workplace. From the basic legal requirements to suppression systems that go above and beyond. We are here to ensure the safety of your workforce and protect your assets in the event of fire.

Extensive range of fire containment solutions include, but not limited to:

Extinguishing systems
Audit Fire & Emergency Australia offers a range of products for various uses, from protection of machinery and plant, to boat engines, telecommunication, data rooms and kitchens. We take pride in being able to offer a complete compliance fire suppression solution for any requirement.

Fire blankets
Ranges of quality fire blankets are available, suitable for smothering and extinguishing small fires in homes, kitchens, laboratories, factories or schools. Fire blankets come in a variety of sizes. All fire blankets comply with Australian Standards 2444:2001 and AS 1851:2012.

Fire doors
Audit Fire & Emergency Australia can either fit your existing fire doors with the correct smoke, fire strips, glazing and door furniture or manufacture bespoke doors with various glazing specs available. A wide selection of release systems and closers are available.

Wedging open a fire door is illegal, dangerous and opens the employer to the risk of personal prosecution.   Dorgard is a simple, reliable, electronic device that holds a fire door open in any position and then automatically releases the door using acoustic technology should a fire alarm sound.

Flame retardant spray
Audit Fire & Emergency Australia can supply only or carry out on site application of the new water based fireproofing spray. It will treat any water-absorbent materials including natural, synthetic & fabrics. Our qualified technicians can issue certification following application.

Intumescent products
Whatever your project, whenever protection against fire and environmental hazards are required, AFEA can help you find everything you need; from simple fire, smoke and dust seals to door, glazing and partition solutions. All types can be offered on both a supply only or full installation basis, including fire curtains for loft spaces, the painting steelwork and treatment of fabrics.

Fire equipment
The selection and installation of the correct methods of firefighting equipment ensures the effective and containment of fire and reduces the chances of a major incident saving both lives and property. AFEA offers only the most effective products in containing fire.

Fire extinguishers
Audit Fire & Emergency Australia provides a full-range, Australian Standard-marked extinguishers, all of which carry a five-year guarantee (subject to extinguishers being serviced by an AFEA technician). All extinguishers are colour coded for easy identification with clearly printed instructions. Our ranges of products are placed into categories according to Australian Standards.

Hose reels
Audit Fire & Emergency Australia supplies a range of hose reels approved to Australian Standards 1221 and installed to AS 2441. These are then maintained to AS 1851:2012 Section 9. Hose reels are of a high performance and sturdy construction with compact and elegant design. All models in this standard range are available as either manual or automatic versions and can come with or without foam attachment, Variety of sizes and capacities for both 19mm (3/4) or 25mm (1) hoses available.

Sprinkler systems
Whilst all sprinkler specialists use the same specification of equipment, the design method used can vary considerably. AFEA works closely with a partner company, which harnesses a huge pool of experience and expertise to analyse each situation and can, offer several different designs to deal with specific fire hazards. The client is then free to evaluate each option and select the design that provides the optimum fire safety solution. All types of fixed fire protection systems are designed, supplied, manufactured and installed to meet current standards and legislation. Calculations, flow tests and system modifications can be provided to meet your company needs.

Residential sprinklers
Residential sprinklers are small, neat and unobtrusive. A correctly designed and installed system will activate when the fire is in its very early stages of development. AFEA can supply a wide range of residential sprinkler systems to meet the individual needs of customers.