Fire Escape Systems

To make certain that it’s safe to evacuate employees, it is vital that comprehensive escape measures are in place. AFEA has a complete range of escape systems and associated products, which can be tailor made to your building and company needs.

What you need for a safe means of escape:

Does your workplace comply with State or Nation regulations? To ensure your building complies please contact us for a free survey. Signs can be supplied in self-adhesive, rigid plastic, aluminium and rigid photo-luminescent material. All signs can be made to your individual specification.

Emergency lighting
As fire often damages mains electrical supplies, emergency lighting is essential in helping evacuate personnel safely. A full range of emergency lighting systems and products are available and can be designed and installed to suit your premises.

Fire Escape
A wide range of fire escape systems can be designed and supplied, all of which can be fitted to meet your company’s specifications and needs.