Fire Extinguisher training
Most people would agree that there is no substitute for hands-on fire extinguisher training. Live sessions giving staff practical real-life training is ideal. However there is challenge in terms of cost and ease of implementation.

Getting all staff together for one training session would be the most cost effective but would probably still attract costs.

The biggest problem though may well be coping with a new member of staff as fire-safety training should be delivered on induction. Getting a provider to turn out for just one or two staff members is nigh impossible or ridiculously expensive.

So a good compromise would be to utilise your extinguisher service company to give brief demonstrations annually when replacements are required or five-year discharge tests are due. This on its own would clearly not suffice as ‘training’ but together with interactive training would be a great substitute.

Audit Fire & Emergency Australia, as part of the servicing agreement would provide demonstrations on an annual basis to clients or organized events, utilising the Site’s out of service extinguishers.